High - Level Targets
1) To achieve Safety and Environment excellence, (No accidents, No harm to people, No damage to the environment)
2) To establish the idea of Safety and Environment awareness,
3) To establish an effective measurement and continuous improvement on the AMAZI system,
4) To take place among the reliable companies in the International Market.

Long Term Targets (5 years)
1) To establish a tanker fleet according to the needs of the international market.
2) To be authority on the chemical cargo sea transportation,


The AMAZI DENIZCILIK is committed to promoting a safe, healthy and productive working environment for all employees.

The AMAZI DENIZCILIK recognizes that drugs and alcohol abuse may impair the personnel's ability to perform their duties.

This is particularly valid for those employees whose tasks entail safety and health risks for themselves and others. The AMAZI DENIZCILIK always provides and support necessary control in order to avoid evident reason that any error or accident they make may cause loss of lives, fire and environment pollution, or third part property damage is to be considered particularly exposed to these dangers by shipboard personnel. It must not be forgotten that a ship is a very complex system which always require efficient personnel ready for all eventualities.

The AMAZI DENIZCILIK deems it important therefore to establish that:

a) the possession, use, distribution or sale of drugs by employees is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate contract annulations
b) the possession, use, distribution or sale of alcohol on the managed ships is subject to the Company's specific instructions on the matter. Violation of these instructions is grounds for disciplinary action.
c) being unfit for work because of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate contract annulations.
d) Personnel used alcohol or drug shall not be permitted to perform duties which may be critical for the safety of the ship, health of the personnel and risk of pollution
e) Pilots, office personnel, guests, contractors, vendors and any other person onboard shall be required to comply with the policy restrictions concerning use, possession, distribution and sale of alcohol and drugs and provisions regarding searches. Those who violate the policy shall be sent away from the vessel and may be denied future access.


To use of any kind of alcohol strictly prohibited.

The possession, use, distribution or sale of alcohols by employees is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate dismissal.


The policy and targets mentioned below are applied by all owned and/or managed vessels by the AMAZI DENIZCILIK Ltd. Co. and office staff.

The AMAZI DENIZCILIK is aware about its responsibilities on the policies and targets and pledges its commitment.

The AMAZI DENIZCILIK emphasizes that all managers are responsible for ensuring safe and correct working condition on board and in the office and that this is a key responsibility and that cannot be delegated to other.

The AMAZI DENIZCILIK establishes that all operations carried out by its personnel, both ashore and on board, will emphasize its commitment to the following objectives, in order of priority:

1) prevent physical injury and loss of life always applying health, safety and security rules;
2) to provide a secure working environment, by establishing and maintaining the required security measures to prevent unlawful acts against ships, which endanger the safety and security of persons and cargo on board AMAZI DENIZCILIK ships; to protect AMAZI DENIZCILIK vessels and crew against illegal practices;
3) to protect the environment at highest level through safety management of the vessels according to the national and international regulations and practices.
4) to maintain the quality of the technical and operational efficiency of vessels at the highest possible level;
5) to operate the vessels safely, security and efficiently and transport the cargo (chemicals/petroleum & oil products,).
6) AMAZI DENIZCILIK will not tolerate any Oil Spill into the sea.

To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, the AMAZI DENIZCILIK shall provide the necessary resources and qualified personnel, defining its organization, identifying specific tasks and responsibilities, establishing training requirements and coordinating all the tasks in order to:

1. to take preventive measures against all identified risks;
2. constantly improve the safety and security related trainings, technical and operational training of the personnel both on board and ashore;
3. to provide always as required the highest industry standards on all AMAZI DENIZCILIK vessels and to implement.
4. always be ready, both ashore and on board, to deal with emergency situations;
5. To benchmark our safety, environmental and management processes and practices against other organizations and industry information sources.

The AMAZI DENIZCILIK informs all the personnel on board and in office about their specific task and expects their commitment to achieve with regard to above mentioned principles.(Form No: Ofis 020)

The effective implementation of the AMAZI DENIZCILIK's policy is regularly reviewed in order to ensure both that the objectives are achieved and that the procedures and instructions are suitable and effective.


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